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cybersecurity strategy


Just reacting on cybersecurity incidents is risky and costly business. Taking proactive approach is to develop a strategy. We assist you in development of the Cybersecurity Strategy, that is essentially a plan of activities aiming improvement of the security levels of the infrastructure and IT services of the organization. Strategy also includes recovery and resilience plan development for the case of materialized security threat. Our specialists have long in-depth experience in the cybersecurity strategy preparation on the government level – we would be delighted to assist our customers in proper planning.

cybersecurity policy


It doesn’t matter how strong your cybersecurity strategy and recovery plan is. In fact, every business may be the next target of an attack. As we’ve gotten used to the computer viruses once, we’ll have to get used to the cyber-attacks as current reality. To be prepared and to reduce the risks, a cybersecurity policy must be developed and executed in an organization. Cybersecurity policy is usually a combination of business and IT rules and principles, leading to reduction of the chances of security compromise. We will help you develop your security policies, governance, and a comprehensive ISMS plan.



Every industry has a commonly accepted set of security parameters, mandatory for the successful operation. Payment systems must comply with PCI DSS standards, banks and most companies must follow ISO27001 or NIST800-53. EU businesses are now obliged to comply with GDPR. Compliance requirements may result in various areas like user access, data protection and retention, device usage, application of encryption mechanisms. We will help you understand the relevant legislation, assess your compliance level and advise you on the gaps.

interim cio

Interim & Virtual CIO/CISO

We provide you with executive leadership on an interim basis to fill the gaps. Our advisors have served in C-suites in respected Fortune-500 companies around the world. We provide world-class leadership, supported by the company knowledge behind the scenes.

Fractional teams

We are offering services of highly competent fractional teams, assisting you when needed while keeping the costs at minimum. Fractional hiring is getting momentum nowadays as more businesses manage costs tightly. Our professionals would be able to work on your terms, in your culture and with your sense of urgency.

Professional Services

We are offering wide range of cybersecurity professional services, including Detecting and responding to threats (MDR), Security information and event management (SIEM), Outsourcing of cyber security experts, Network infrastructure management (NOC), End User Security Management (Endpoint),
Management of data loss prevention systems (DLP), Update management (Patch Management Process), Identity management (IAM), and Data encryption management system (Encryption).

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