We will provide you with a range of cyberthreat and cybersecurity assessment services:


We do full fledged system security assessments, provide great detailed reports on our findings, describe and categorize security vulnerabilities and advise remediation to our customers.



We do Open Source Intelligence framework assessments. OSINT usually refers to the collection of publicly available data, by manual scraping, using scripts and various tools, developed for this framework by numerous enthusiasts and professionals.



We do Penetration testing including black-box, white-box and gray-box. Pentest is the type of systems audit, presuming an actual hacking and penetration attempt on the customer resource. Pentest is the most efficient way to find the weaknesses. It may be purely technical, or may involve the elements of social engineering.


We do cyber forensics. Timely incident assessment and efficient investigation is the key to success in cybersecurity threat neutralization and further prevention. Early stage involvement of a specialist increases chances tremendously.

DDoS etc.

DoS etc..

We are offering comprehensive consulting and assistance in protection against Denial of Service attack (DoS and DDoS) – the most popular way to take your website down nowadays. We will help you to build up readiness for this type and many other types of cyber attacks.



Our devices are about ethical hacking or so-called white hat hacking. We care about our customer protection against real hacking attempts, so we gently work towards better system security and safety of our customers’ data

Sooner is better!